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Our Curriculum

At Lighthouse Preschool & Daycare, we use a research based curriculum that aligns with state standards and Head Start Indicators. To prepare for kindergarten success and beyond we are:


  • Building math and number skills

  • Strengthening fine motor skills & eye/hand coordination

  • Expanding critical-thinking skills and vocabulary

  • Fostering a love of reading and a respect for books

  • Enhancing cooperation and sharing skills

  • Encouraging self-expression and imagination

  • Boosting feelings of competence and confidence

  • Developing listening skills and oral communication



Lighthouse Kids ages 2-3

  • Counting 1-30

  • Number Concepts 1-10

  • Learn the alphabet

  • Learn colors and shapes                           

  • Learn basic science

  • Learn short vowels & consonant sounds

  • Recognition of name



Lighthouse Kids ages 4-5

  • Writing first and last name

  • Counting 1-50

  • Addition Facts 1-10

  • Writing 1-20

  • Number Concepts 1-20

  • Learn to write letters and simple words

  • Basic science, safety and health

  • Review of short vowels & consonant sounds

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